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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

You are going to learn content marketing strategies about social media, content, traffic generation, competitive search engine optimization, blogging, articles, local internet marketing, video marketing, and publicity advertising as you apply them to the business. Be a boss of your own business and take control by carefully considered content strategy, a business can effectively create and distribute their marketing content in the most effective and efficient way possible.

  • Create original, helpful, and informative content based on search trends and market research.
  • Make your content visible, shareable, and promotable via your website and social media and you want the people reading your content to promote it for free.
  • Keep track of your content effectiveness, and constantly rework your content strategy to reach wider audiences.

Developing Content Marketing Strategy

Develop your content marketing strategy for your website or blog you must first take a close look at your target market and decide what information is most important to them. Remember that content is not limited to written content. Content can be comprised of images, video, display ads, and various other types of content. You want to make sure that your content is going to appeal your target market. If you have many clients or previous clients, you can always create a survey and ask them directly.

Blogging is an effective way to create awareness.

Bring in potential clients. Staying consistency is the key, and a planned blogging strategy is important to keep the process running continually overtime. A blogger is more than an online writer; they are a planner, a publisher, and an editor. To stand out amongst the crowd, you need to make sure that your blog posts are well written and well researched. Make sure to use the keywords, which ensures that your clients can find you easily by the topic of your blogs.

Make sure to edit your post, and enrich them with search engine optimization keywords, relevant images, and links to your main website and social media accounts. Once an article is completed and uploaded to your blog you must still consider promoting it. Examples could be a tweet or post about your blog articles on other social media accounts, tie the content or keywords within each post to other posts on your website, send links to, readers, or other well-known bloggers and ask them for their feedback.

Track and measure the effectiveness

Watch the effectiveness of each post and figure out what you can do to make that more effective. For example, using Google analytics can help you track the traffic rate on your blog or the number of conversions. It might be a great ideal to research other blogs and websites and blogs within a similar field.

Immediately Gain Attention of Potential Clients.

You also want to immediately gain the attention of your potential client with a title that’s relevant and makes them want to read more. Give your readers reasons to visit your blog. By presenting the reader with interesting and useful facts, and demonstrating how your blog will provide an answer to their questions, you are giving them a reason to engage with your blog.

Building content reflects your personality. People like to do business with people, a business has a unique personality, and this can serve as a magnet for web traffic. Use your own personality and let it shine through your communications. Maintain fresh and exciting content.

Your blog needs to be updated regularly and consistently include fresh and new information that gives your readers something new. This also provides search engines with more information to index your website. It builds credibility, and, most importantly, it drives traffic to your website.

Generation Traffic Strategy

The only way to gain new clients from the internet is to generate traffic in the first place. One of the most effective ways to build organic traffic is to provide content on your website, blog, and social media. Organic traffic is that traffic brought to your website without the use of paid ads or pay per click advertising.

You want to make sure that you are tracking your website and blog visitors, so you can segment traffic by age, gender, interest, geography, behavior.

The easiest way to increase traffic on your website is to start by using Google Analytic and looking at their search engine optimization tab to see how to improve your traffic. For example, you can use keywords that people search. The process to generating traffic on a blog with keywords goes like this: you want to name the blog post with the keywords in the title and the heading of the blog.

You want to make sure that there are at least 500 to 700 words on the blog post and that the content provides information that is useful to the reader. Next, you’ll want to link the blog post to a relevant page on your website and link the keyword that you are targeting to the page on your website that targets that same keyword. You could also use tactics such as pay per click advertising and pattern interruption marketing.

Search SEO Strategy

Creating a competitive search engine strategy is no easy task. People use many words and phrases to search for your services and you must determine which of those words are most valuable to your business. Not only do you have to decide which words are most valuable, but you also must determine the order of the words which are of most value. Then once you determine the words in the correct order that are of most value, now you must individually decide how you are going to use those words on your website, your blog articles, videos, and social media, to attract the traffic that you are looking for.

Website Design

Consider your website to be the online essence of yourself and your business. When it comes to internet marketing, your website is the end game. The goal of just about everything you do, and you’re marketing is to drive traffic to your website, but you don’t want to stop there. You need to convert the people who visit your website into clients. Keep in mind that website design, SEO, and marketing are three separate functions.

You want your website to be the doorway into a relationship with potential clients. You want them to be able to email you, etc. A first impression is always the lasting impression, so the landing page must look good regardless of how much content goes into it, you must make sure that the entire website looks good, functions well, and encourages potential clients.

Once you have your website made, launched, and promoted, now it is time to monitor the performance. Tools like Google Analytic will provide a user-friendly way to track website performance using graphical statistics. The purpose of website design is to make the website easy to navigate and attractive to visitors.

Easy for Search Engines to Index

It must be easy for search engines to index. Designing a website that displays quickly and provides a user-friendly experience is of utmost importance. One of the many things that Google uses for search engine ranking is a speed at which your pages load and how easy the website is to navigate.

Another thing is to make sure that every page on your website should have a call to action. A call to action instructs the visitor to take an action by asking them to, include filling out a form or signing up for a newsletter. You must look at each page individually and decide what the specific call to action will be on that page and make sure it is included on the page. The best place to put your call to action is at the end of your content page.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is a necessity for businesses that are serious about driving traffic to their websites. With the use of more mobile devices, it has changed the way that people view websites. You must optimize your website to be able to handle all kinds of devices. Responsive design optimizes your site, so it can handle just that. It will make images come through quickly, clearly, and the size will be automatically adjusted for the device used. Links and features are made more accessible with faster download times.

Making Your Website More Responsive and User Friendly

  • Avoid using plugins that are not compatible for most mobile users
  • Keep the header images 960 in width to avoid excessive scrolling. Fonts under 11 will be too small for a mobile user to read.
  • Use a responsive website that can adjust your website per devices.

Internet Marketing in Local Area

With all the growing options in the internet marketing, small businesses can now enjoy the level of exposure like that of the big brand, but within your local area. Branding your company can be as simple as maintaining consistency in all you’re marketing efforts. Marketing internet locally is as simple as talking about the local area in your articles, blogs, and on your website.

The most important thing to keep in mind with local internet marketing is that you should list your business name, address, and phone number on each page of your website. As search engines are indexing each page of your website, they associate that website with your geographical location. Make sure that you list your website with Google, Bing, and Yahoo maps.

Marketing Strategy with Video

Video is without a doubt an important part now days for content creation. A video with a compelling story empowers clients to relate to you and your brand. Videos are a chance to form a relationship with the client before even meeting them. Producing videos focus on producing stylish videos that you can individual stories, and projects.

You can create videos on different topics and discuss frequently asked questions. Your videos should be no longer than two to five minutes. Most people are shown to drop off around the two-minute mark. There are many video hosting channels such as YouTube, etc. When uploading your videos, you want to have the website address in the description. You want to make it as simple as possible for people to respond or act. Remember to also use your keywords and phrases in the descriptions in the titles of all your videos. The beauty of video is that you can tell people about your business and can also show them it at the same time.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is an essential element to any marketing plan. Without it, you will miss out on opportunities to increase awareness, build fan followings, or bring in business amongst the millions of people using different social media platforms.

Social Media Steps

  • Target your audience.
  • Choose your social networks.
  • Use adjective marketing.
  • Leverage your content management.
  • Evaluate performance goals.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google all give you analytical tools to get the most positive responses.

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