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Mistakes & Affiliate Marketing When starting in affiliate marketing,

Mistakes & Affiliate Marketing When starting in affiliate marketing,


Mistakes & Affiliate Marketing

When starting in affiliate marketing, all you want to do is just make money and you ran around in every direction, trying everything, with no real idea of the mistakes you are making that could very well affect your long-term success. Let’s talk about these mistakes in more detail.

The word “marketing” is part of the phrase affiliate marketing, but for the most part, our job as an affiliate is not to sell, that is the job of the sales page our affiliate links lead the reader to.

When you first start out, most of us are overwhelmed and totally naive and want to fill your pages with words and links that screamed “BUY THIS NOW!”. It doesn’t’ help your readers to learn why they should buy the product. You only wanted them to click a link which would hopefully lead to a commission.

Be an Unbiased Reviewer

People want to hear from other people when deciding to buy a product or not, that’s why the reviews on Amazon products are so powerful. Those reviews are genuine feedback from people who have absolutely nothing to gain if someone buys that product or not. When we talk more like an unbiased reviewer rather than a high-pressure salesperson, we will find we make more sales and people will come back for advice on other products in the future.  Whenever I choose to promote an offer, it’s a good thing to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and opt in to test the vendors’ follow up sequence. Nothing breaks a reader’s trust more than being led to a promotion that will blow up their inbox. So, see what will happen if they follow your advice.

Choose Your Affiliate Program Wisely

Another big mistake made when starting out, is joining any and every affiliate program that you came across. While It is a good thing to multiple streams of income when working online, there is a point where you have too much to deal with and it becomes unmanageable. So, choose your affiliate programs wisely and don’t overload yourself.

Tracking Your Affiliate Links

Yes, making any commission is cool, but knowing where and how you made that commission is what makes you a better marketer. It lets you grow and scale your campaigns, as opposed to working blindly. Creating a unique tracking ID link is easy.

Simply log in to your affiliate dashboard, click “Account Settings” at the very top, then click, Manage Tracking IDs. From there you can make a new tracking ID so you can track which web page/campaign sold what. This enables you to know which pages are converting well so you can grow and scale that campaign.

Comparing the Products

One of the best converting tactics used to sell affiliate products online especially physical products is to compare the “main” product with two other similar products.

When people buy a product, they tend to have their options narrowed down to 2 or 3 and need help making the choice that is best for them.

By comparing 2 out of 3 products it can really help your readers make a choice, but also have your affiliate links for all the products that you compare them with, instead of only one.

Over time, you will be able to see which product is most interesting to readers and move the best converting product to the top of the page for better CTR. Comparison web pages are not only very popular and helpful for the readers, they are also very profitable for you.

Don’t Make False Claims.

If you’re new and you want to promote products don’t make false claims. In fact, don’t make false claims at all! Sure, talk about the benefits of the product, maybe even why it sounds awesome to you, but don’t try to trick people. You will ruin your credibility.

Staying Focused

It is all too common to be working on one thing when suddenly, something “new” comes through your inbox or is mentioned in a forum you frequent. Then off you go chasing some new idea to make money online. You will just distract you from your project/campaign at hand.

One completed and profitable campaign is worth so much more than the almost half-finished campaigns or projects. This is the biggest downfall for any new affiliate marketer. In fact, it can cause big issues for seasoned affiliate marketers as well.

Affiliate marketing is a business that requires self-motivation and focus. For many of us, these are learned skills. Once you are aware of the mistakes that can cause a lack of profits and productivity, you will be better able to grow your business and be profitable long-term.

An affiliate marketing program is a lot of work

There’s a lot of competition so you’re not going to be bringing in money immediately. Business owners and entrepreneurs suppose that all you need do is setup a site and choose an affiliate to associate with and then just let it run its course, but affiliate marketing takes time and effort to build and make money.

Choosing the Right Niche

You need to work in a very popular and lucrative niche to make affiliate marketing work for your business. It is true that popular niches do better with affiliate marketing, but that doesn’t mean you do not have a chance at success.

Stay in line with the goals and mission statement of your company and find affiliates who understand the relevance of working in a market where you are comfortable.

Due to Google’s new SEO

Link building is becoming outdated which can discourage affiliate activity. Even if this is the case, there are many new ways to SEO and build your brand, but for the most part the entire notion of affiliate marketing still makes sense to Google –it offers another relevant and related resource to consumers.

Mistakes & Affiliate Marketing

The best way to think about affiliate marketing, is to thank quality over quantity. There are a lot of small websites that will promote products, although studies show that affiliate marketing isn’t easy, as you remember to foster relationships, focus on your niche, focus on keywords and create a system that generates performance and you can drive profit and conversions for your small business.

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